Walking & Nature tours

One of our Many activities in Ecotourism Syria is walking,each time you'll find a different adventure,and a new place to enjoy walking ,and get socially involved with various freinds with diferent backgrounds but all share the love of nature,,
This time we choosed a seven hours hike from Bloudan to Halboun.
For joining our walking groups please contact: ecotourism.syria@yahoo.com

The Japanese Embasador in Syria and his wife.

walking from Bloudan to Halboun Village ,,
Bloudan is a nice area in the anti Lebanon Mountains ,,

Snow covering Mountains ,,but still a very pleasent walk through,,

Enjoy Lots of wild flowers on the way during the walk..

A beautiful scenery for the mountain,,
Photos byM.Abido ©Ecotourism.Syria

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Namib Naturalist said...

Walking is really the only way that one can really come close to nature and get the 'feeling' for it. I am a keen naturalist in Namibia, and believe that walking is the only way to experience the amazing power of nature. I enjoyed reading your blog. Cheers.